Welcome To Gurukul Vidyapeeth,My thanks to the Board of Governors and to my staff for their continued support and co-operation.(Principal)

Facilities :

Seeing is believes Gurukul Vidyapeeth has already made available the following labs equipped with apparatus as prescribed and desired by C.B.S.E. (N.Delhi). However to make them more effective we have introduced the practical right from 1st standard to develop scientific attitude of the students.


Computer literacy and Computer awareness program for all students from class Ist onwards. A well established & developed Computer lab is available for students and teachers.


To fulfill this foretell school is providing well equipped Physics, Chemistry & Biology laboratories for experimentation and innovation.

Composite lab in science :-

It covers the experiment in physical chemistry & Biology up to class 10th.


Mathematics lab:-

This is the latest concept in the teaching of Mathematics. The lab is fully equipped with solid like (cube, cuboid, cylinder, prism & pyramids, cones, sphere and their segments) Beside, we have acquired some unique models workable in electricity and practical note books, pertaining to mathematical devices.


Library : -

The infra –structure of library cum reading room is already available. However at present we have arrange only day news paper in Hindi & English languages to gather with some periodicals viz Education to day & some science –journals. Gurukul Vidyapeeth proposes to make a good library consisting of thousands of books (Text books & reference book & Book on general interest).



Computer Lab:-

We have introduced computer teaching right class 1and the student are acquainted with elementary knowledge of software which prepares firm foundation for higher knowledge of computer science.

Transport Facility :

The school shall provide transport facility at no profit no loss basis to children coming from the area around Saharanpur. However parents can make their own arrangement of transportation if they so like. Transport charges depend on distance from where the child is coming.

Activity Room From The Blossoming Ones :

Gurukul vidyapeeth is well on its way to maintain a big room decorate with beautiful scenery and equipped with see-saw and inclined planes etc.


S.U.P.W. Work Shop :

A small work shop is proposed to be established where students shall be acquainted with making artistic toy like effigies of POP. & articles of medicinal use viz Vicks voporub, washing and bathing soaps..

The purpose behind S.U.P.W. (Socially useful productive work) is to acquaint the students with the preparation of articles needed in our day to day life.