Welcome To Gurukul Vidyapeeth,My thanks to the Board of Governors and to my staff for their continued support and co-operation.(Principal)

CO-Curricular Activities :

The school curriculum has been designed strictly in conformity with the rapid changes brought about by CBSE New Delhi both in matter and methodology. Such an approach provide full scope for free and spontaneous growth of the child , physically, intellectually and spiritually. The school propose to make the class room environment interesting and alluring through audio-visual aids in the teaching process.

It has been rightly said that “All work & no play makes jack a dully boy.”
Student who spend most of their time in pouring over their books in school and at home to satisfy the craze of the teachers and the parents definitely need a diversion and a deviation from their exacting schedule.

Keeping in view this dire need of the students, emphasis is laid on S.U.P.W. (socially useful productive work. Which includes painting elocution (debating), rhyme-recitation, paper craft work POP. Effigy – making. Besides these activities children are giving full opportunity of development & expressing their talent in culture activity viz folk dance, folk song fancy dress shows one act plays etc. such activities help the children develop their artistic and help to overcome their hesitation and shyness.

Sports & Games :

Sport and games from an integral part of co-curricular activities. Participation in physical & education activities bring into play the various systems comprising the human body. They tone up the physical potential of the students who find themselves physically better prepared for a rough and tough life. No body can gain say the universally acclaimed truth “A health mind resides in a healthy body”.